Client Testimonials

Wow… I will never look at clothes the same way again !!  I really enjoyed our sessions – now when I go shopping I know what colours and styles to look for, rather than wandering around aimlessly spending hours trying to find something that looks good on me…
I felt so comfortable at our sessions, your office is very welcoming and the time went so quickly, our discussions were very interesting and I learnt so much about how to dress for my style and body shape.
Vanessa (Colours and Style)

“If you are ever stuck for what to wear, look in that overflowing wardrobe feeling overwhelmed and just feel blah in everything you choose then it’s time for a style journey with Sue. The time she spent with me helping me better understand why certain styles and patterns work for me has been invaluable. Sue is not about a session where she just imposes her “tastes” and ideas upon you. I have had a prior styling session with another stylist where I felt compelled to buy what she told me and hated them later. This did not happen with Sue…she has taught me so much about my personal style and fashion personality. Now I have so many outfits to wear with less clutter in my wardrobe. Everyday I get compliments about how I look. I have loved every minute of my personal style journey.”
Lynn (Style Journey)

For many years, through university and having children, I had spent hours shopping – buying different styles and colours and occasionally finding a piece of clothing I loved and would wear regularly. I decided to visit Sue for a colour consultation.
Initially I thought it would be a lovely few hours of pampering and if I came away with a few simple ideas I would be happy.
Immediately I felt at ease and knew I had found someone like me who had solved my problem! I was astounded at her ability to interpret my skin and hair colourings. I watched Sue flick and drape gorgeous silky colours over me, apply makeup, discuss hair swatches – and with ease she pronounced my colours as serene. My colour swatches are a permanent fixture now in my handbag. Instead of a few ‘simple ideas’ I now have a handbag full of ideas. I have recommended Sue to all my friends and I will be back for a body design consultation as soon as I can sort out some babysitting!
 Jenine (Colour Consultation)

“I found this colour consult very interesting to say the least. There were colours I have worn in the past that have not brought out the best in my complexion. I have always relied on bronzes and my hair colour to highlight my features but now I have a found a new love of colour and gained the confidence to buy clothes that are going to accentuate me and express me as an individual.  I was also excited to discover what colours I should use for accessories. Looking forward to hitting the shops with my spicy colour cards that will help me choose the right colours for me. Being a mum of four you lose sight of who you are and this experience gave me a different perspective on how best to make me feel good about myself in a very simple way using colour.  Thank you Sue for seeing and teaching me about my true colours”.

Sharon (Colour consultation)