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1 hour personalised sessions in person or online………$89.00 each


In Depth Body Shape & Proportions

Find out what shapes of clothing to wear and how to find the most flattering clothing for your shape and how to use clothing to change your perceived shape. Includes dressing your vertical body proportions which has a bigger impact on your look than your shape.


Your Style Statement

Guided analysis to help your tune into your personal style and own it. Find out what you really love and how you can feel really like you in your clothing. Develop a style statement to help you stay true to yourself when shopping or dressing


Hairstyles For You

Thinking about a new hairstyle? Find out what styles suit your face, personality, colouring and lifestyle. Including how to communicate your wishes to your hairdresser.


Your Best Outfit Formulas

Would you like to simplify dressing and shopping? Discover the power of a personal uniform. I will work with you to design some simple outfit formulas to suit your body shape and lifestyle.

How to accessorise

What are the best shape accessories for you? Where on your body is your accessory sweet spot? How to wear a scarf for your body shape? Which handbags to choose to flatter your body and which ones to avoid? And many more answers to accessory dilemmas. Covers jewellery, hats, scarves, shoes, belts, handbags

Planning your wardrobe

The garments in your wardrobe should work together to make dressing quick and easy. This session looks at your lifestyle and clothing requirements and helps your plan the perfect mix and match wardrobe.

Putting together a great outfit

This is a styling class. You might have all the right colours and shapes in your garments but how to put together great outfits every day? This session teaches you some design principles and techniques used by stylist in putting together great outfits.


Are the ones you are choosing flattering you? Find out what type and size of prints suit you best. Where to put them on your body and how to combine them. Which fabrics to choose to flatter your body and which to avoid?

Dressing for your career

How to dress to for your work. How to choose clothing to make a good first impression. What colours to wear. What to wear to an interview, client meeting or work function. Personalised advice for your needs.

Great Foundations

Your undergarments are not seen but can make or break your outfit. Find out what the right bra can do to your appearance, discover which shapewear will do the most for you and how to wear it with comfort. Includes a visit to specialised bra fitters.