Your Style Journey

ID-10016416Welcome to the start of your style journey.

If you are reading this page and wanting to learn about style you have already started your style journey. This is a wonderful experience and I encourage you to follow the path till you are happy with the results. Your journey may be taken alone (reading books or the internet or performing a self analysis) or it may be taken with others (friends, family or a personal stylist), most likely it will incorporate both.

There are many paths that lead us to wanting to alter our style. It seems to happen to all of us at some point in time in our lives. Our wardrobe stops working for us and becomes a source of frustration instead of joy.

At this point, a style consultation can really help you get clarity, refocus and set you out on the right path to recreating your style.

Who does this benefit?

People who have benefited from this service:

  • Job Seekers
  • New Positions/promotions or careers
  • Return to work
  • Recently retired
  • New mothers
  • Body or weight changes

Sometimes we just need help in creating a look for a specific event:

  • Job interviews
  • Weddings
  • Public appearances
  • Special events

What to expect on the journey?

When you are interested in updating your style you often work through the following steps;

Step 1 Find out what you have to work with

When starting out it is good to know what you already have. This means coming to understand and appreciate your unique body design.

You discover your best colours in a colour consultation.

Learn about your body shape and design and your clothing personality. Once you understand your body there are design rules that you can learn to apply in choosing clothing.

Step 2 Review your Wardrobe

Armed with this information you need to go and have a good look at your wardrobe. Go through and pull clothing out. Look at each item in relation to your new found colour and style knowledge and work out why the garment suits you or why it doesn’t. This is a great time to go through and de-clutter your wardrobe, removing the dead wood and making way for fresh inspiration.

Step 3 Shop with your new knowledge

After reviewing what you already own that works now it is time to venture into new territory. Head to the shops, even if you are not ready to buy anything, take your colour and style knowledge and start trying on new items that fit your guidelines. Now this step will be ongoing as learning new skills takes time. In a colour and style consultation you will gain lots of information (ie your best colours, your best texture, when to focus attention in an outfit etc), maybe take one or two of these rules each time you shop and try them out. Get a feel for how the style rules work with clothing.

Step 4 Catalogue your Looks

If you do end up buying new garments you need to bring them back to your wardrobe and start playing dress up. Create new outfits using your style guidelines. Take photos of these outfits and keep them on your phone or print them out and pin them to the wall so that you can get dress quickly and easily every morning. Creating a look book of your favourite outfits makes dressing fun and easy.

Step 5 Update Seasonally

By now you will be well on your way to understanding your style. Each season it can help to review your wardrobe and your style guidelines again. Make notes of what worked last season. Check out the new seasons styles to see what will work for your body. Try to design a capsule wardrobe and work out what you need to buy. If you need any help see my wardrobe update  or personal shopping sessions.

If you are interested in having a a stylist help you on your journey, take a look at my services. Combining the purchase of my services will save you money. Have a look at the special packages page or talk to me about creating your own package.

I believe it is very empowering to know oneself, appreciate your own unique beauty and use clothing and fashion as a form of self expression.

Good Luck and Enjoy the Journey.

Be all you were designed to be!