• The Best Clothing Brands.


    Do you need to buy from the most expensive clothing brands to improve your style? Sometimes people think this or they fear that a stylist will tell them this.

    Best Clothing Brands

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    This perception may keep them from learning more about style or getting help from a stylist. They may say “I don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes so I can’t look stylish”. They mistakenly think money = style.

    Improving your style means buying clothes that suit you and these can be found at all price points. The price of a garment has to do with many things. Sometimes it is quality (but this is not guaranteed with a higher price). Sometimes you are paying for the fair trade conditions under which the garment is made. Sometimes you are paying for a name or brand status and sometimes you are just paying someone’s’ profit.

    Don’t buy a piece of clothing based on price alone. The best brands to buy to improve your style are the ones that match your personal style and that list will be different for everyone.

    Do me a favour…. go and have a look in your wardrobe. Have a look at the labels… do you find you have a lot of the same brands hanging in your wardrobe? Why do you keep buying the same brands?

    We tend to love a clothing brand when it meets 3 aspects of our personal style:

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    1) Our Personality

    Clothing personalities explain why we like different clothes to our sister or friend and why buying clothing as a gift can be difficult.

    There are 7 main clothing personalities.

    • Dramatic
    • Relaxed (or Natural)
    • Classic
    • Elegant Chic
    • Creative
    • Feminine (or Romantic)
    • Rebellious.

    Most of us have a combination of these.

    Clothing brands or stores have a clothing personality too.

    This can be a strategic business decision based on ideal customer or an unconscious reflection of the designer or store buyer’s own personality. I see this in small clothing boutiques. They usually stock a similar range of clothes as this is what the buyer (or owner) likes. If you share the same clothing personality that boutique can be your favourite haunt but if you don’t you may never find anything you like.

    We are drawn to brands that share our clothing personality.

    Clothing PersonalityClothing Personalities

    1. Cue  2. Review 3. David Lawrence 4. Just Jeans

    2) Our Values

    When it comes to dressing ourselves there are unspoken values about clothing that affect what we buy. Maybe you have a strong Sensory value. This will mean you focus on fabric and fit. You will seek out brands that have soft fabrics and non binding, comfortable designs.

    Here are some other clothing values that may affect which brands you like:

    Exploratory value: This means you are seeking unique clothing, individuality is important. You will probably seek hand made or creative designs. Your favourite places to shop might be Etsy or local markets.
    Status value: This means that the brand or status symbol of your clothing is important. You will seek to shop brands for the brand name itself.
    Economic value: For you its important that your clothing budget is well spent, that your clothes last a long time or you got the best buy. You will seek out stores with the most practical clothing at the best price or classic pieces of good quality. You might like to consistently shop at discount outlets

    Theoretical Value: This means that you care about the product, how it was made. Whether clothing is ethically made or environmentally friendly is important to you. You might like “real” clothing made of leather, wool or natural fibres. Your favourite brands have proven ethical and sustainable clothing or sell natural, locally source fabrics.

    We will buy brands that share our clothing values.

    3) Our Body design

    Our body shape or design can influence our favourite brands too.

    Fit: If you are petite or plus size you may seek out speciality fit brands.

    Even outside of these speciality lines each clothing store or brand has a different fit. Without any special labeling, I have found stores that consistently cater for longer legs or shorter or longer torsos or wider hips. You may end up buying from a brand just because it always seems to fit you without alterations.

    Body shape: Maybe the style of a brand is more feminine and the waist is a prominent feature in their garments. If you have an X shape or 8 shape body you may always find clothing that suits you in this brand. A brand that has a more relaxed style with no waist emphasis may suit you if you have a H shaped body.

    Your Colouring: Some brands or stores focus on particular colours. Sometimes it is a focus on black, or warm colours or more soft colours. We can be drawn to a brand that sells clothing in colours that suit us.

    We like brands that design for our body

    Knowing your clothing personality, values and body design can help you find your favourite brands.

    Once you discover these things about yourself it can open up new places to shop. We tend to be drawn to our clothing personality first, so you may have been shopping in a store that suits your clothing personality but not your body shape. Finding a new brand that suits your body shape might help you discover how to combine pieces from both these brands to create a fabulous outfit that makes your body look amazing.

    Knowing your favourite brands can simplify your shopping. Each season you only have to check out the new designs from your favourite brands and update your wardrobe with these. You can rely on the fact that you don’t have to get it altered , match your values or you can always find something that expresses your personality.

    It really is beneficial to know this stuff about yourself it will save you time and money.

    Want to know more? You can discover these things in my style consultations.

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